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Your security gate Cape Town is the entrance to your home, it is the first impression of your space. Why would you settle for less than the best?
Security Gates Cape Town

We offer a wide range of security gate, driveway gate and steel gate designs to suit your requirements.

When considering your new steel gate it is very important to always think about the end result you would like to achieve. We have curated our popular range of proven driveway gate & steel gate products to allow you a smooth experience as a potential customer. 

We know the story and sadly, have been guilty of it in the past, you contact a supplier and they take ages to come back to you. To this end we have designed an online store for our most popular steel gate design types where you can design your own driveway gate or pedestrian gate and obtain indicative pricing without having to wait on someone to call you back! 

From the selection below you will be guided either to our shop where you can obtain instant pricing while you custom design your driveway gate, security gate or pedestrian gate. Alternatively you will be able to contact us with the design reference directly from any picture below to enable us to help you with pricing on your very custom steel gate design faster. Please remember that all our products are made to order and to your requirements at our factory in Cape Town, South Africa. 

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Clad Pedestrian Security Gates Cape Town

Security Gates Cape Town

How To Customise Glow Innovations Driveway Gates (Cape Town):

When it comes to driveway gates (Cape Town), there is not one size and one style that will be a suitable fit for
every home. With Glow Innovations, you can customise your driveway gate to ensure that the size, design, and
functionality of the driveway gate are perfect for your home. In this guide, we outline how you can customise your
steel, wood-clad, or Nutec-clad driveway gate. If you are looking for a unique driveway gate design, we have a range
of bespoke driveway gates with innovative styles available. Take customisation to the next level by allowing Glow
Innovations to create the exact driveway gate of your dreams with our personalised driveway gates (Cape Town) design


ClassiSteel™ Driveway Gates (Cape Town):

Glow Innovations is a specialist steel driveway gate manufacturer. If you are drawn to the strength, durability, and
sleek aesthetic of a steel driveway gate, we have a wide range of steel driveway gates that you can easily
personalise to your exact functionality and design needs. We have highlighted all of the ways that you can get
involved in the customisation of your steel driveway gate.

1) Direction of the Steel:

Our steel driveway gates are available with vertical steel rods that are positioned within the steel driveway gate
frame with an equally-sized space between each steel rod. You can choose to have just the vertical steel rods within
the steel frame of your driveway gate, or you can add a horizontal steel rod across the centre of the steel frame.
The additional horizontal steel rod will break up the vertical lines and add interesting detail to your steel
driveway gate.


2) Spikes:

Our steel driveway gates come with the option to customise with a variety of different durable and high-quality
steel spikes that will be positioned on the top frame of your steel driveway gate. Additionally, if you have
customised your steel driveway gate with a centre horizontal steel section, you can have your selected spikes across
this steel section. If you would prefer to have a simple steel driveway gate, you can choose to have no steel spikes
at all.

The purpose of adding spikes to the top of your steel driveway gate is to further enhance the protective qualities
of your driveway gate. Alongside the safety of driveway gate spikes, they can also add an aesthetic detail that will
enhance the style of your steel driveway gate. We have briefly listed the available spike designs that you can
choose between for your customised steel driveway gate.

  1. Razorcomb: Razorcomb spikes are short, sharp spikes that will add a touch of detail to the top
    of your steel driveway gate. Our Razorcomb steel spikes are available with a wave profile that adds intrigue to
    these spikes.
  2. Ricasso: Ricasso refers to the shape of the blade above the handle in a dagger or sword.
    Drawing inspiration from the Ricasso design, these Ricasso driveway gate spikes have a short and stocky spike
    with a slight curvature at the bottom to mimic a blade handle.
  3. Diamond: The diamond spike is a classic choice for both protection and aesthetics in your steel
    driveway gate. The diamond spike takes the shape of a diamond with four straight lines that end in sharp points.
  4. Pencil: The pencil spikes are long and slender spikes that will add elegance and a safety
    feature to your steel driveway gate. Pencil spikes are simple and sophisticated and will be the perfect touch to
    a customised driveway gate that is minimal in its design.
  5. Fleur-de-Lys: The fleur-de-lys is a French decorative symbol. The fleur-de-lys represents a
    lily, meaning that this spike for your steel driveway gate will have delicate curves to represent the beauty of
    a flower, but will still be a strong safety feature with its sharp points.



3) Steel Colour:

We will customise your driveway gate to the exact paint colour that you desire to ensure that it seamlessly blends
into the style of your home. Our steel driveway gate colour options include plain galvanised, black, grey, white,
and green. To ensure that the colour you have chosen for your driveway gate is the best fit, we will provide you
with the specific paint code so that you can view the colour swatch in person at your local hardware store.

We use Plascon Velvaglo Waterbased Enamel paint on our steel driveway gates due to its longevity. We will
additionally provide you with a small batch of your selected paint for long-term maintenance and any touch-ups that
may become necessary over time. If none of these paint colours suit your style, you can easily choose your own paint
colour within the Plascon or Dulux paint ranges.

4) Height and Width of the Opening:

Our steel driveway gates are available in a range of standard driveway gate heights and widths. You can easily
select between our 1.6 metre, 1.8 metre, and 2.1 metre height options and our 3 metre, 3.5 metre, 4 metre, 4.5
metre, 5 metre, 5.5 metre, and 6 metre width options. If these standard driveway gate sizes do not suit your
driveway entrance, we can customise the size to your exact requirements.

5) Automation:

You have the option to have your steel driveway gate manual or automated. We always recommend an automated driveway
gate due to its increased convenience and security. When customising your steel driveway gate, you can browse
through our selection of gate motors to automate your driveway gate.

HoriClad™ and VertiClad™ Driveway Gates (Cape Town):

Your driveway gate is the first impression that guests and potential buyers will have of your home. Make a statement
with a personalised wood-clad or Nutec-clad driveway gate from Glow Innovations. We have highlighted the various
ways that you can customise your wood-clad or Nutec-clad driveway gate to make it the perfect choice for your home
design and practicality needs.

1) Direction of the Cladding:

Our clad driveway gates are available as either our HoriClad™ or VertiClad™ driveway gates (Cape Town). The
HoriClad™ driveway gates include horizontal wood or Nutec clads and our VertiClad™ driveway gates include vertical
wood or Nutec clads. You can choose the direction of the cladding that will best suit your desired aesthetic for
your custom driveway gate.


2) Wood and Nutec Cladding Options:

We offer a diverse range of wood cladding for our HoriClad™ and VertiClad™ driveway gates (Cape Town). Our wood-clad
range are all ethically and sustainably sourced from reliable wood suppliers to offer you peace of mind when you
choose your wood cladding for your driveway gate. We have highlighted our wood-clad and Nutec-clad options that you
can choose between to create the ideal clad driveway gate for your home.

  1. Meranti: Meranti wood has an even grain and a red tint to the wood colouring.
  2. Balau Timber: Balau timber, which comes from Malaysia, is a warm light brown with slight yellow
  3. Garapa Timber: The Brazil-native Garapa wood has a golden to yellowish colouring that will go
    grey over time as the oils leach out.
  4. Thermo Pine: Thermo pine has an even darker yellow tone.
  5. Thermo Poplar: Thermo poplar wood has a darker colouring.
  6. Nutec: Nutec-cladding is made of fibre cement slats that can be painted to your desired colour.

All of our wood cladding is cut to your required driveway gate length and sanded until a smooth finish is achieved.
Wood is susceptible to damage from weather and temperature changes, which is why we treat all of our wood cladding
with multiple coats of a specialised protective seal. This will increase longevity and ensure that you can
continuously enjoy the warm and natural aesthetic of your wood-clad driveway gate.

3) Wood-clad and Nutec-clad Mounting:

You can customise your wood-clad or Nutec-clad driveway gate further by selecting your desired mounting. The way you
mount your driveway gate slats will have an impact on the visual aesthetic of your driveway gate. For our clad
driveway gates, you can choose between the slats being inside the frame with the fasten from the rear, the slats
inside the frame with the fasten from the front, or the slats on top of the frame with the fasten from the front. If
you have selected the tongue and groove option for our VertiClad™ driveway gates, you can choose the mounting to be
inside the steel frame or on top of the steel frame.

4) Steel Frame Colouring:

All of our wood-clad and Nutec-clad driveway gates (Cape Town) come with a steel frame to ensure the strength and
durability of your driveway gate. As with the steel driveway gates in our ClassiSteel™ range, you can choose your
clad driveway gate steel frame to be plain galvanised or painted in Plascon Velvaglo Waterbased Enamel black, grey,
white, or green.

5) Height and Width of Opening:

Our HoriClad™ and VertiClad™ driveway gates (Cape Town) are available in the same standard driveway gate heights and
widths as the ClassiSteel™ driveway gates. You can customise your clad driveway gate to the exact size that you
require for your driveway entrance. You can also contact us with exact measurements of your driveway entrance if the
standard sizes are not a suitable fit.


6) Automation:

You can automate your clad driveway gate with our range of driveway gate motors. We provide a diverse range of
driveway gate motors that are sourced from high-quality suppliers so that we provide you with only the highest
standard of driveway gate automation. We also offer a range of driveway gate motors so that you can find one suited
to your budget.

Our Bespoke Range of Driveway Gates (Cape Town):

We have done some driveway gate customisation of our own and created a range of bespoke driveway gates (Cape Town).
From the intricate laser-cut design in our aluminium The Tokai driveway gate to our unique combination and
styling of wood-cladding and steel in The Struben driveway gate, you can easily peruse our innovative designs
in our driveway gates (Cape Town). If you would like to create a truly bespoke driveway gate, you are welcome to
contact us directly and we will begin the design and quoting process.


About Glow Innovations:

Glow Innovations is a Cape Town-based manufacturer of steel driveway gates. In addition to our driveway gates (Cape
Town), we also produce high-quality pedestrian gates, security gates, fencing, burglar bars, balustrading, electric
fencing, and structural steelwork. Our experienced and dedicated team is always ready to provide you with the
perfect gate, fence, or safety feature for your home or business.

At Glow Innovations, we took a deep breath and decided to do the homework which will enable our potential customer
to have control of the design for their own driveway gate. Because information is power, we want the customer to
know more before purchasing. To this end we have curated our most popular designs into an online store – – which allows immediate pricing. Also we are embarking on a campaign to educate the
market to allow customers to do more research and know more before making this large decision.

Here are some more points to consider when deciding on your driveway gate design:

  • Do you want a completely bespoke, custom design? A remote controlled custom designed automatic gate with various electronic opening options will add huge value to the surroundings.  Perhaps we should be using heavier steel sections to create a solid feel.
  • Would you like decorative scrolls, cast iron mouldings, logos or designs cut from steel plates inserted into the automated driveway gate.
  • Is privacy your main focus? Consider the strength of a steel driveway gate frame clad with either hardwood timber slats, galvanized steel plates, maintenance free fibre cement slats or boards or a combination of these different materials.
  • What colour is your steel gate going to be? Another very important aspect to consider is the final finishing of your security gate; we have mastered airless spray painting enabling us to apply the more environmentally friendly water based enamels and acrylic paints to our products. This means you receive a finished product which is easy to maintain for many years to come.
  • Is cost your main concern – Design plays a huge part in determining the cost of a security gate, pedestrian gate or driveway gate. A basic common steel gate design with plain galvanized steel finish using a manually operated lock and lighter steel sections will always be cheaper than a custom once off specialty driveway gate design.
  • Are you worried about contractors and reliability? A DIY option can sometimes balance the cost implications against the product quality. Labour is a large cost contributor for most suppliers.


Always remember that every driveway gate we supply from the most economical to the more elaborate are engineered to last and be extremely reliable. 

We design all our steel gates using SOLIDWORKS CAD before manufacturing, you will receive a final gate design drawing for approval before anything is cut. The end result is a steel gate with your desired style and no upsetting surprises.

You could also use our in-house design team to create a completely bespoke security gate, steel gate or driveway gate product. If you have a clearer idea of your parameters, it will allow us to offer the best solution for your driveway gate, security gate or pedestrian gate design. 

For Architects and Designers

Specific to Architects and Designers we offer a consulting service where we establish a suitable gate design specification document for driveway gates, pedestrian gates and the associated gate motor automation. This ensures that all companies tendering can be evaluated evenly based on a solution which is known to be workable and uncompromising. This allows the design professional to focus on other tasks of more importance and not waste their valuable time researching steel sections and fabrication best practice.

*T&C’s apply to custom design work