Pedestrian gates are a valuable addition to any property. From functionality to aesthetics, pedestrian gates will only have a positive impact on your home or business entrance. If you are considering installing a pedestrian gate on your property, we have highlighted the benefits of a pedestrian gate installation for your home or business to demonstrate how advantageous pedestrian gates are for any property. Glow Innovations manufactures a range of high-quality and innovatively designed pedestrian gates that will be a beneficial addition to your home or business.




Benefits of a Pedestrian Gate For Your Home:


We all want our homes to be safe and beautiful spaces where we feel protected and are happy to spend time. If you are a proud homeowner, installing a pedestrian gate can help you increase the value of your home and your daily experience living in your home. To demonstrate, we have briefly highlighted the benefits of pedestrian gates for homes.


1) Increased Safety:


Everyone has ideals when it comes to creating the home of their dreams. You may want a large outdoor patio to accommodate friends and family coming over for braais or you may picture the perfect home as a space designed specifically to your design style. Above everything else, the most important ideal for any home is that it should be a safe and protected space to allow you to live stress-free in your personalised sanctuary.


Installing a pedestrian gate is an excellent way to increase the safety of your home. If you have a narrow entryway that is open to the outside world, this allows for any person to gain access to your property. This increases your potential risk for burglars to select your home as their next target due to the unprotected access, leaving you constantly in a state of worry in your home. A pedestrian gate will be a strong barricade against any unwanted guests, intruders or burglars and thus play an important role in ensuring your home’s safety.


2) Convenient Access To Your Home:


Pedestrian gates can be manual or electric, allowing you to choose which is more convenient for your accessing needs. An electric lock pedestrian gate that is linked to an intercom or keypad will allow you to easily enter your home from the road or parking area outside your property with the click of a remote or the entering of a secure code. This convenience of a pedestrian gate allows both you and your guests to access your home easily and safely.


3) Pets and Children Can Roam Freely:


Parents and pet parents will understand the importance of providing a safe place for their children and pets to enjoy themselves freely around your home property. The last thing any parent wants to do is to feel stressed when they see their children playing outside or constantly have to keep their dogs locked indoors because there is an open entryway on their property. If you turn your back for one moment, your dog may be running out into the busy road, or strangers walking past your home may be speaking to your children.


A pedestrian gate offers you peace of mind for your children and pets. As a strong and durable barricade, a pedestrian gate allows you to let your children or pets wander freely around your garden without worrying about them gaining access to the road or the risk of strangers entering your property whilst they are outside. Your children and pets will be happy because they can play freely around your home and you can feel calm knowing that they are enjoying themselves whilst still being protected.




4) Curb Appeal:


Pedestrian gates are available in various materials and designs, meaning that you can find a pedestrian gate beautifully crafted to enhance the style of your home. Installing a pedestrian gate at your home has numerous practical benefits, but that does not mean there isn’t aesthetic value as well. They can create a point of intrigue in your perimeter wall and draw onlookers’ eyes to your spectacular home.


You will not be the only one to notice the aesthetic value of your installed pedestrian gate. If you are planning to sell your home, potential buyers will see the increased curb appeal from your pedestrian gate as a positive. A pedestrian gate will be one more enticing aspect of your home that will assist in converting your home from “for sale” to “sold”.


5) Reduce Home Insurance:


Depending on your selected insurance company and your specific home insurance package, increasing your home security can reduce your monthly home insurance costs. Increasing your security reduces the risk of burglaries, which will bring down the risk of your home and thus reduce your home insurance. The increased safety of installing a pedestrian gate at your home will work towards reducing your home insurance.




It is important to note that a pedestrian gate alone is not enough to reduce your home insurance, but will form an important part of your overall security system. You should always consider having an electric fence on your perimeter wall, a motorised driveway gate, burglar bars on your windows, and security gates. You can additionally invest in a security alarm system to increase the overall safety of your home.


Benefits of a Pedestrian Gate For Your Business:


For business owners, the functionality and appearance of the business should be a high priority. Creating a space that is safe, practical, and aesthetic for your employees and clients is highly important for your business, and installing a pedestrian gate is one of the important steps you can take to achieve this. We have outlined the benefits of adding a pedestrian gate to your business property.


1) Control Access To Your Business:


If your business has numerous clients arriving for meetings or customers coming to your business premise, you need to ensure that you have complete control over who is gaining access to your business. You want to ensure that the right people are entering your business, rather than constantly worrying about who is going to walk through the door next.


A pedestrian gate can offer you control over who accesses your business. You can install a pedestrian gate with an intercom system that allows you to open the gate for specific customers or clients and prevent access to unwanted people. The major benefit is that you can enjoy peace of mind over who is gaining access to your business daily.


2) Provide a Safe Workplace for Employees:


Providing a workplace that is safe and conducive to productive work for your employees is essential for the successful operation of your business. If your employees are constantly dealing with unwanted people entering your business property, they are going to be spending valuable time away from their work while they try to deal with the problematic guests. Additionally, a workplace that is unprotected from potential burglars, solicitors, or other unwanted people will make your employees feel uncomfortable at your business, potentially resulting in you losing valuable employees.


The controlled access of a pedestrian gate will provide your employees with a safe workplace. This will provide your employees with peace of mind that when they arrive at work every day, they are arriving at a workspace that cares for their wellbeing and is dedicated to providing them with a space conducive to the work they need to do. Your employees will benefit from not continuously feeling worried or being distracted by unwanted visitors to your business, and you will benefit from their productivity.




3) Compliment Your Business Aesthetic:


The aesthetic of your business is important for how your potential clients or customers interpret the quality and professionalism of your business. This means that you need to prioritise the aesthetics of both the outside and the inside of your business. A pedestrian gate can offer a design element for the entrance to your business that will set the tone for the rest of your business property.


Pedestrian gates are available in an extensive range of styles, allowing you to find the perfect aesthetic to compliment your business aesthetic and values. From warm-wood tones on wood-clad pedestrian gates to sophisticated laser-cut aluminium pedestrian gates, it is easy to find a pedestrian gate that will enhance the aesthetic of your business. A beautiful pedestrian gate will reflect the standard of the inside of your business on your exterior and thus positively impact how customers and clients will value your business.


4) Reduce Business Property Insurance:


Like with your home, a pedestrian gate can assist in reducing your monthly premium on your business property insurance. The controlled access and added safety of a pedestrian gate will add to the overall security of your business premise. Like with your home insurance, a pedestrian gate must be one of many security components to make an impact on reducing your business property insurance, such as having a driveway gate, electric fencing, and security gates.


Glow Innovations Pedestrian Gates:


Glow Innovations is a Cape Town-based manufacturer of pedestrian gates. We design and manufacture an extensive range of ClassiSteel™, Nutec HoriClad™, and Wood HoriClad™ pedestrian gates. It is effortless finding the perfect pedestrian gate for your home or property with our bespoke range of high-quality pedestrian gates.


To ensure that our pedestrian gates continue to be beneficial for your property, we select only the best materials in the manufacturing of our pedestrian gates that promise longevity and durability. With Glow Innovations, you can trust that our pedestrian gates will be a strong and long-lasting addition to your property to offer you continued protection.


We specialise in crafting pedestrian gates that are both functional and beautiful. If you would like to create a pedestrian gate suited to your business or home’s unique style, we are happy to assist. You can custom design your pedestrian gate to your exact needs and specifications to craft an eye-catching and practical pedestrian gate for your home.


About Glow Innovations:


In addition to our pedestrian gates, we produce a wide range of steel products perfect for your home or business. We provide you with access to driveway gates, security gates, fencing, burglar bars, balustrading, electric fencing, structural steelwork, automation and electronics, and custom engineering. Glow Innovations is your total solution for any aesthetic or practical gate, fence, or security additions to your home or business.


At Glow Innovations, we took a deep breath and decided to do the homework which will enable our potential customer to have control of the design for their own driveway gate. Because information is power, we want the customer to know more before purchasing. To this end we have curated our most popular designs into an online store – – which allows immediate pricing. Also we are embarking on a campaign to educate the market to allow customers to do more research and know more before making this large decision.


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