Comprehensive Guide to Driveway Gates (Cape Town)

Your driveway gate is the entrance to your home, it is the first impression of your space. Why would you settle for less than the best?
Driveway Gates – Cape Town

We offer a wide range of security gate, driveway gate and steel gate designs to suit your requirements.

When considering your new steel gate it is very important to always think about the end result you would like to achieve. We have curated our popular range of proven driveway gate & steel gate products to allow you a smooth experience as a potential customer. 

We know the story and sadly, have been guilty of it in the past, you contact a supplier and they take ages to come back to you. To this end we have designed an online store for our most popular steel gate design types where you can design your own driveway gate or pedestrian gate and obtain indicative pricing without having to wait on someone to call you back! 

From the selection below you will be guided either to our shop where you can obtain instant pricing while you custom design your driveway gate, security gate or pedestrian gate. Alternatively you will be able to contact us with the design reference directly from any picture below to enable us to help you with pricing on your very custom steel gate design faster. Please remember that all our products are made to order and to your requirements at our factory in Cape Town, South Africa. 

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Driveway Gates Cape Town

Your Comprehensive Guide Driveway Gates (Cape Town)

We know everything there is to know about driveway gates, and are eager to share our knowledge with you in this comprehensive Driveway Gates Cape Town Guide. In this guide, we have provided the facts to common questions about driveway gates. We will also look at the benefits of a new driveway gate, why metal gates are sometimes better than wooden gates, and when to use our swing driveway gates. With Glow Innovations, you can find a wide range of the best driveway gates (Cape Town) that are affordable, made from durable materials, and aesthetically designed to add value to your home.

Driveway Gates (Cape Town) Facts and Questions:

You may be interested in installing a new driveway gate at your property, but are uncertain about the expected costs, feel unsure about whether or not this is a good idea, or are wondering how your home will benefit from a driveway gate. We are highly experienced in driveway gates and have provided the answers to the common questions around driveway gates to assist you.

1) How Much do Driveway Gates Cost in South Africa?

In South Africa, the cost of driveway gates can range from R10 000 to R100 000. This wide range is dependent on numerous cost factors. The materials, the complexity of the design, installation difficulty, the size of the driveway gate, and if you have chosen an automation system will all affect the cost of your driveway gate.

2) Are Driveway Gates a Good Idea?

Driveway gates will be a great addition to your property. While a driveway gate can be an expensive cost, the benefits you will reap from this investment in your property are substantial. We have briefly highlighted the benefits of a driveway gate to demonstrate why it is a good idea to install a driveway gate at your home.

  1. Security: The ultimate benefit of a driveway gate is increased security for your home. A driveway gate creates a strong barrier between your home and the road, and thus prevents any unwanted people from entering your property. The effective security of a driveway gate will provide you with constant peace of mind that you, your family, and your pets are safe in your home.
  2. Privacy: A driveway gate can be highly beneficial for increasing the privacy of your home. Increased privacy can be especially beneficial if your driveway entrance is close to your home. A solid driveway gate will block any onlookers from peering into your home, allowing you to enjoy your home in peace.
  3. Aesthetically Appealing: Many of today’s most beautiful homes have driveway gates. A driveway gate will add a striking statement to your driveway entrance. Driveway gates are available in an assortment of designs and materials for you to choose between, allowing you to find the perfect driveway gate aesthetic to set the tone for your home entrance.
  4. Increased Property Value: You are not the only one who will appreciate the security, privacy, and aesthetics of a driveway gate. If you are planning on selling your home, potential buyers will appreciate the value of a driveway gate. This will increase your overall property value, allowing you to further benefit from increased profits from the sale of your home.
3) What is a Standard Size Gate for a Driveway?

On average, driveways in South Africa usually measure between 3 to 6 meters in width. As most driveways are towards the smaller end of the scale, common driveway gate sizes are available in 3 meters, 3.5 meters, 4 meters, and 5 meters. To determine the correct size gate for your driveway, simply take a tape measure and measure the width of your driveway. If your driveway entrance width does not match these standard-size driveway gates, you can have a driveway gate custom-designed to fit the width of your driveway.

4) How Much Does it Cost to Put a Motor on a Gate?

A sliding driveway gate motor can cost between R4800 to R16 000. Your cost for putting a motor on your driveway gate will include the cost of the motor, the peripherals and safety features, the remote control system as well as the installation costs. We have included a brief breakdown of the costs you can expect for your driveway gate.

  1. Driveway Gate Installation Cost: Installation costs for driveway gates range depending on the size of the gate and the type of installation. This can add up to about R3000 to R5000 per day onsite and usually at least two days are required because of concrete works.
  2. Automated Driveway Gate: Automated driveway gates can cost between R18 000 toR90 000.
  3. Material Costs: Material costs can range depending on the style chosen and durability required. The cost of the materials depends on numerous factors, such as whether you are purchasing a wood clad driveway gate, a second-hand steel driveway gate, a new gate, a used motor, and installing driveway gate posts.
  4. Safety Beams: Driveway gate sensor system hardware will cost around R750.
  5. Total Costs: Many factors will go into your total cost, but you can expect it to be within the range of R20 000 to R110 000.
5) Do Electric Gates Add Value to a Property?

When it comes to installing a driveway gate to boost your property value, an electric driveway gate is your best choice. Electric driveway gates can add up to 5% extra value to your home. When you are wanting to sell your home, an electric driveway gate is a superb selling point as potential buyers will appreciate the added security, privacy, and convenience of the electric driveway gate.

6) Do Driveway Gates Deter Crime?

Driveway gates are a deterring factor for home burglaries. While a driveway gate cannot prevent all burglaries, a driveway gate will make your home less attractive as a target for potential burglaries. A driveway gate is an important part of your home security system and should be paired with additional security measures.

Find Affordable Driveway Gates Prices (Cape Town) with Glow Innovations:

With Glow Innovations, you can find the best driveway gates (Cape Town) at affordable prices. We provide you with steel driveway gates, wood clad driveway gates, and Nutec clad driveway gates at a budget-friendly rate. With our affordable driveway gates prices Cape Town, you can always afford to benefit from having a driveway gate at your property. We also offer bespoke driveway gates that can be customised to your exact requirement sand design style. The pricing of our bespoke driveway gates is dependent on the size, design, and difficulty of installation for your customised driveway gate (Cape Town). To find out the exact cost of your driveway gate, we will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

Why Our Driveway Gates for Sale (Cape Town) are the Best:

At Glow Innovations, you will only find the best driveway gates (Cape Town). We pride ourselves on providing affordable driveway gates that will be a valuable addition to your property. When you purchase a driveway gate (Cape Town) from Glow Innovations, you will enjoy these benefits.
  1. High-quality Materials: We use only the highest-quality materials in the manufacturing of our driveway gates. This ensures that when you purchase one of our driveway gates for sale (Cape Town), you will receive a driveway gate that is strong, durable, and long-lasting.
  2. Expert Service: We have been manufacturing and installing driveway gates (Cape Town) since 2001. Our years of experience paired with our specialist team ensures that we will provide you with an expert service.
  3. Innovative Designs: Our driveway gates (Cape Town) are beautifully designed with quality workmanship. We have a collection of bespoke driveway gate designs to provide you with an unbeaten choice, as well as the option to create a custom-designed driveway gate.

A New Driveway Gate is Always Better than Used Driveway Gates for Sale (Cape Town):

You may feel unsure about whether you should purchase a new driveway gate or find a used driveway gate for sale (Cape Town). While used driveway gates will be cheaper than a new driveway gate, there is a higher potential for problems. Used driveway gates can be damaged, such as having rotten wood cladding or rusted metal, have a shorter lifespan due to being previously used, have decreased security, and can have a malfunctioning automation system. When you purchase a used driveway gate, you may need to spend money on fixing any potential problems. This can end up costing you more money and time than it would have if you had chosen a new gate. With a new driveway gate, you are guaranteed to have a driveway gate that functions fully, is totally secure, and has a pristine aesthetic, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of a driveway gate. 

Metal Driveway Gates:

Metal driveway gates offer ultimate security and safety due to the higher strength of metal. Metal driveway gates have a clean and timeless aesthetic. From modern to traditional designs, metal driveway gates can be designed in various styles to suit your home. You are unlimited in your design options, allowing you greater creative freedom with a metal driveway gate. Metal driveway gates require no maintenance, making these driveway gates an effortless choice. Our metal driveway gates (Cape Town) are made from high-quality steel that is galvanised to ensure longevity, durability, and strength. With our steel driveway gates (Cape Town),you can enjoy the benefits of the superiority of metal driveway gates with the addition of wood cladding or Nutec cladding for aesthetic value and privacy.

Wooden Driveway Gates and Nutec Driveway Gates:

At Glow Innovations, there is a wide range of metal driveway gates with wood and Nutec cladding. Both our wooden and Nutec driveway gates are strong and durable driveway options for your property. These driveway gates are available in a variety of designs to suit the style of your home. Wood clad driveway gates will require regular maintenance to ensure longevity, while the Nutec clad driveway gates do not require any maintenance. There is also a slight difference in privacy between wood clad driveway gates and Nutec clad driveway gates. The wood panels will expand and contract in different temperatures, meaning that there needs to bean allowance gap between the panels. This small gap will mean that you have slightly less privacy compared to a Nutec driveway gate

Swing Gates (Cape Town) at Glow Innovations:

Swing driveway gates are a highly popular choice for many South African homeowners. Swing driveway gates save space and add an element of grandeur to your driveway entrance. If you are interested in a swing driveway gate for your property, you can have one custom designed with Glow Innovations to your exact size and aesthetic requirements.
At Glow Innovations, we took a deep breath and decided to do the homework which will enable our potential customer to have control of the design for their own driveway gate. Because information is power, we want the customer to know more before purchasing. To this end we have curated our most popular designs into an online store – – which allows immediate pricing. Also we are embarking on a campaign to educate the market to allow customers to do more research and know more before making this large decision.

Here are some more points to consider when deciding on your driveway gate design:

  • Do you want a completely bespoke, custom design? A remote controlled custom designed automatic gate with various electronic opening options will add huge value to the surroundings.  Perhaps we should be using heavier steel sections to create a solid feel.
  • Would you like decorative scrolls, cast iron mouldings, logos or designs cut from steel plates inserted into the automated driveway gate.
  • Is privacy your main focus? Consider the strength of a steel driveway gate frame clad with either hardwood timber slats, galvanized steel plates, maintenance free fibre cement slats or boards or a combination of these different materials.
  • What colour is your steel gate going to be? Another very important aspect to consider is the final finishing of your security gate; we have mastered airless spray painting enabling us to apply the more environmentally friendly water based enamels and acrylic paints to our products. This means you receive a finished product which is easy to maintain for many years to come.
  • Is cost your main concern – Design plays a huge part in determining the cost of a security gate, pedestrian gate or driveway gate. A basic common steel gate design with plain galvanized steel finish using a manually operated lock and lighter steel sections will always be cheaper than a custom once off specialty driveway gate design. 
  • Are you worried about contractors and reliability? A DIY option can sometimes balance the cost implications against the product quality. Labour is a large cost contributor for most suppliers.


Always remember that every driveway gate we supply from the most economical to the more elaborate are engineered to last and be extremely reliable. 

We design all our steel gates using SOLIDWORKS CAD before manufacturing, you will receive a final gate design drawing for approval before anything is cut. The end result is a steel gate with your desired style and no upsetting surprises.

You could also use our in-house design team to create a completely bespoke security gate, steel gate or driveway gate product. If you have a clearer idea of your parameters, it will allow us to offer the best solution for your driveway gate, security gate or pedestrian gate design. 

For Architects and Designers

Specific to Architects and Designers we offer a consulting service where we establish a suitable gate design specification document for driveway gates, pedestrian gates and the associated gate motor automation. This ensures that all companies tendering can be evaluated evenly based on a solution which is known to be workable and uncompromising. This allows the design professional to focus on other tasks of more importance and not waste their valuable time researching steel sections and fabrication best practice.

*T&C’s apply to custom design work