Deciding to add a driveway gate to your home or business will increase the curb appeal, security, and value of your property. When it comes to installing your selected driveway gate, you can either install it yourself or have professional installers do it for you. To help you decide, we have compared DIY driveway gate installation to professional installation and included the processes, advantages, and disadvantages of each. With Glow Innovations, we provide you with various installation choices so that you can choose the option best-suited to you. Glow Innovations will be your first choice for quality driveway gates (Cape Town) and expert driveway gate installation.




DIY Driveway Gate Installation:


Once you have had your ideal driveway gate manufactured, it is time for the installation. To help you decide if DIY installation is for you, we have briefly demonstrated how to install a driveway gate and highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of DIY installation.


How to Install your Driveway Gate:


DIY driveway gate installation will depend entirely on the type of gate you have selected. Your driveway gate can be a single-swing, double-swing, or sliding gate, and additionally can be manual or motorised. DIY driveway gate installation requires effort and time, but can be achieved if you thoroughly follow the instruction manual provided with your specific driveway gate. We have highlighted the basic steps to follow to install an automated sliding driveway gate.


Prepare Your Space: You need to have a level driveway area and opening area surface for your driveway gate to slide smoothly. Dig a trench across the driveway and into the space where the gate will open. Check the levels and gradients to ensure vehicles wont scrape and that you aren’t creating a speedhump.


Position Gate Track: String a level line across the entire opening and using a level position the line a fixed distance from the top of the gate track. Then position the gate track sections, join as required using a welding machine and space to ensure it is level across the length.


Position Support Post: Measure the correct distance for your posts to be positioned. Dig a hole in the ground, insert your posts, and pour fresh concrete into the hole to secure your posts in place. Use a level to ensure that your posts are straight.


Cast the Track: Fill the entire length of the gate track with concrete and float it level and smooth. Leave to set for at least 24 hours with no traffic.


Place the gate: With assistance, lift the driveway gate onto the track. Manually push the driveway gate up and down the track to ensure that it moves smoothly.


Install the Guide Bracket: The roller guide will keep your gate guided as it moves along the track. At the correct height, fix the roller guide bracket to the post. Adjust the roller guide until it allows your driveway gate to easily move through the guide.


Attach the Catch Bracket: The catch bracket stops your sliding driveway gate with as it closes. Attach the catcher and the stopper in the correct place and at the right height to effectively work as the one anti-lift feature.


Position Sliding Gate Motor: Position your sliding gate motor with its baseplate onto the mounting brackets on the post. Fix your geared rack to your sliding driveway gate and ensure that it runs smoothly along the sliding gate motor.




Connect Sliding Gate Motor: You will need to connect your sliding gate motor to an electrical source. We highly recommend that you hire professional electricians for this step.


Programme Sliding Gate Motor: Following all the instructions in the manual complete and test the programming of the sliding gate motor you have installed.


Advantages to DIY Driveway Gate Installation:


The main advantage to DIY driveway gate installation is that you save on the installation costs. The only extra cost you will have will be the purchasing of the concrete materials and hiring an electrician. If you install your driveway gate correctly, you can enjoy the satisfaction of completing this project yourself.


Disadvantages to DIY Driveway Gate Installation:


Unfortunately, there are potential disadvantages to a DIY gate installation. If you do not correctly install the driveway gate, the gate will not function correctly and require much more maintenance. This can then impair the aesthetics and security of property and incur extra costs to be rectified professionally. It also requires time and effort to install a driveway gate yourself. You will additionally need to acquire the services of a professional electrician, which can add a time delay to using your automatic driveway gate.


Professional Driveway Gate Installation:


If you are on the fence about whether or not you would like your driveway gate professionally installed, we are here to help you make this decision. We have highlighted the process you can expect when professional installers install a driveway gate at your property, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of this installation option.


The Process of Professional Driveway Gate Installation:


The professional driveway gate installation company will arrive at your property at a predetermined time. They should arrive with your driveway gate, posts, track, and selected automation system if you have chosen an automatic driveway gate. They should also have all relevant equipment and tools, as well as the materials for the concrete to install your products.


After meeting with you, the professional installation company will begin to install your driveway gate. A professional driveway gate will efficiently perform all the steps to install your driveway gate.


Advantages of Professional Driveway Gate Installation:


You will benefit from a fully accountable and expert service when you use a professional driveway gate installation company. They will be fully prepared and equipped to install your driveway gate, and you can start using it as soon as the installation is complete. A professional installation company is a time and effort-saving choice for your driveway gate installation. There will be reliable maintenance with faster turnaround times.


Disadvantages of Professional Driveway Gate Installation:


The main disadvantage to having your driveway gate professionally installed is that there will be an additional cost. The installation cost of your driveway will be dependent on your selected company, the complexity and time required to install your driveway gate system, and the difficulty of the installation. This will add cost to your investment in a new driveway gate initially but mitigate rework and maintenance costs through the lifespan.


Glow Innovations Driveway Gates (Cape Town) Installation:


Glow Innovations is a Cape Town-based manufacturer of driveway gates. Our driveway gates (Cape Town) provide you with unlimited options for the design, materials, and installation. We offer you these options on how involved you would like to be with your driveway gate installation so that you can decide what is best for your needs.


Full DIY: Take full control of your driveway gate installation. This option requires that you provide us with measurements and then collect your driveway gate and peripherals from our factory in Diep River, Cape Town. You can then begin the process of installing your driveway gate.


Measurements Service: Getting the correct measurements for the manufacturing of your driveway gate is essential. If you do not feel confident in measuring your driveway entrance size, we will happily come to your property and measure it for you. Once we have completed manufacturing your driveway gate, you can then come and collect it from our factory and install it yourself.


Delivery Service: You can provide us with the measurements for your driveway gate and then we will have your manufactured gate shipped to your location. This option is ideal if you are not based in the Cape Town area.


Measure and Delivery Service: This installation option includes us coming to your property to measure. We will then ship your driveway gate to your property for you to install yourself. A good option for the person with a reliable builder or handy knowledge so you can have quality secure in the knowledge it is made to purpose.


Full-Service: If any aspect of DIY installation is not for you, we have you covered with our full-service installation option. We will come to your property and take the correct measurements. Once your driveway gate is manufactured, we will bring the gate to your property and install it for you. This carries a cost which delivers peace of mind.


Our full-service installation is offered by our team of expert driveway gate installers. We will provide you with a professional and efficient service that will allow you to immediately start using your new driveway gate. The quality craftsmanship of our driveway gates (Cape Town) paired with our superior installation service will ensure that you continuously enjoy your Glow Innovations driveway gate.


For our DIY customers, we have you covered. We will provide you with everything you need to successfully install your driveway gate. Our DIY installation kits include all components needed, comprehensive instructions and all of our motors come as a starter kit with a manual. We are also easily available via telephone and email if you need assistance during the DIY installation if you have any queries.




About Glow Innovations Driveway Gates (Cape Town):


Glow Innovations is an expert engineer, designer, and manufacturer of driveway gates (Cape Town). We provide you with access to a range of steel, wood-clad, and Nutec-clad driveway gates (Cape Town). Whether you are wanting a driveway gate for aesthetics, security, or both, we provide you with uniquely designed driveway gates (Cape Town) that are made to last and fit for purpose.


When you purchase a driveway gate from Glow Innovations, you are making a long term investment in a high-quality gate that will be a valuable addition to your home. We select only the best materials when manufacturing your driveway gate (Cape Town). Our steel driveway gates are hot-dip galvanised for strength and longevity, our wood-clad driveway gates are made from solid and ethically sourced wood, and our Nutec-clad driveway gates are made from a cementitious material that is highly durable.


In addition to the bespoke designs available for our steel, wood-clad, and Nutec-clad driveway gates (Cape Town), we also offer you the option to customise your driveway gate. You can design the exact size, style, and material driveway gate that is optimised to your needs and property aesthetics. With Glow Innovations, we provide you with every opportunity to create a driveway gate that is practical and personalised for your needs.




At Glow Innovations, we took a deep breath and decided to do the homework which will enable our potential customer to have control of the design for their own driveway gate. Because information is power, we want the customer to know more before purchasing. To this end we have curated our most popular designs into an online store – – which allows immediate pricing. Also we are embarking on a campaign to educate the market to allow customers to do more research and know more before making this large decision.

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