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Everything you need to know about driveway gates and more…

Learning Centre

Welcome to the Steel Gate Learning Centre.

We are populating this with original informative articles related to driveway gates, security gates, pedestrian gates, gate motors and electric fencing. We may even throw in some information about intercom systems. If we find an article online that answers a particular question as well or even better than we can then we will link to that as well.

Our goal is to give you the most comprehensive information portal to answer frequently asked questions about driveway gates, gate motors and steel gates and to give you as much information as possible to assist along your buying and ownership journey.

What are some of the common gate design mistakes? | How much does a driveway gate cost? | How do I put my gate on manual? | How long does wood last on a gate? | Why is my sliding gate noisy? | Why is my electric fence making a cracking noise?

Keep checking in and feel free to request particular answers if you can’t find them below.

This will be the most comprehensive Driveway Gate, Pedestrian Gate and Gate Motor Information Library available.